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Oct 2, 2022

There are over 8000 cases that the SCP - Special Containment Procedures has in their case file. The Bros go through them one by one. All 8000...Well actually only about half a dozen, but it's fun none the less.

Give a listen to the Language of Bromance in Episode 432 Fighting the Odd Monsters with SCP Special...

Mar 6, 2022

Who knew there was a championship for Excel? And the Top Dog is called the N Goat...What other odd Competitions.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 402 World Excel Championship and Other Odd Competitions.


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Feb 28, 2021

When you have some odd Theories and you need to break them down who do you call? The Duo from The Ectoplasm show Podcast. Josh and Jason jump on to break down the Stoned Ape Theory, The mood of the world, and how Aliens may not be that smart.

This is a wild ride and we are excited to have on our good friends to travel...

Aug 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered where specific words come from?  Well look no further than this week's episode as The Bros Explore a couple with interesting origins.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 322 Bitten By The Winchester Goose.


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Aug 18, 2019

Recently the FBI released a set of files it had on Bigfoot.  The Bro Files go out and try to figure out if the details that were released bring us closer to knowing what the Bros have known all along.  Is Bigfoot real?

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 269 Joe Camel Is BigFoot.