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Jul 26, 2015

The guys have a wide variety of things to talk about this week.  First Shawn has found himself a new hobby and it involves conquering one of his greatest fears.  How on earth is Shawn going to get himself on the water?  
With the release of the new Terminator Genisys movie the guys discuss the ups and downs of...

Jul 19, 2015

It’s that wonderful Geek time of year where all our dreams come true.  San Diego Comic Con 2015 was huge this year. If you love anything nerd or geek this is the time of year you have a geekgasm.
DC showed the world what it has planned by introducing Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.  This Trailer was amazing and...

Jul 12, 2015

The magical land of Hawaii has so many amazing features.  From the beautiful people to the wonderful sights.  What in the world could make a person want to visit this heaven on earth?  What about Mushroom’s that upon smelling cause spontanious orgasams.
This weeks the BroScience team break down this wonderful fungi...

Jul 5, 2015

Listen in as the guys from The Language of Bromance discuss the newest Fallout video game.  Fallout 4 has so many cool things the guys can not wait to play.  Will there be enough time for the guys to play what is sure to be 200 plus hours of game play?
Recently the Marvel Universe announced their new Spider-Man and...