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Jun 27, 2021

There are some weird laws out there and we need to break them all down.  Welcome to Bros at Law or BAL.  

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 366 Sex Law 101.

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Jun 20, 2021

7 years ago two bros decided they needed to spend more time together.  So they decided to start a podcast. During those first few years they created a story about a Giant Robot in Loch Ness.  This story tells you what is in Loch Ness.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 365 7 Years as the Podcasting...

Jun 13, 2021

It's Time for MORTAL KOMBAT. The Duo are joined by their friend from the North John as the Bros talk about the newest HBO Max movie Mortal Kombat. 

We look back on the history and what got us into the Mortal Kombat universe as well as talk about the new movie.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 364...

Jun 6, 2021

Listen in to a very special episode of Language of Bromance as once again bros turn into foes. In the 60th Language of Bromance Draft as Richard and Shawn draft their top Music Artist and Bands. In this LOB Draft the Bros select the best Music Artist and Bands.

The Music Artist and Band Draft works similar to the NFL...