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Apr 2, 2017

College is a time for learning and experimenting.  Most prestigious Colleges fosters an even more grand avenue for the ability to expand you mind.  Stanford is the place where we travel to this week to discuss the Stanford Prison experiment that was held in the 1970’s.


Professor Philip Zimbardo set up an experiment to take students from Stanford University and randomly selected who would be a guard and who would be a prisoner.  The Guards were selected and given a Club, Shades, and in our make believe world a tooth pick.  The students that were chosen to be the Prisoners were arrested by actual police in their homes.  


The goal of Philip Zimbardo’s experiment was to show that more Alpha aggressive personalities gravitated towards being a guard and prisoners personalities were more those who could be pushed around.  During this episode Richard and Shawn point out a number of flaws in this experiment and how it was tainted.


The experiment lasted for a short time but after the 1st day the prisoners rioted, went on hunger strikes, and even drove one temporarily insane and was removed from the experiment. The fear was so high with the Guards and Zimbardo that rumors were going around that the released prisoner was planning on coming back with his friends to bust out the other student prisoners. Was there anyone who could stop this mad experiment?


Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 145 Richard Calls From Jail.

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