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Feb 26, 2017

This whirlwind of an episode takes you on a journey through the world of Braveheart and a challenger for the King's Throne.  During the early times King Edward II was having a rough go as King.  He was losing battles to the Scottish, he was having his sexuality questioned, and he was ruling terribly.  This opened the...

Feb 19, 2017

Richard and Shawn have discovered their newest career...Futurologist.  This job entails looking ahead to the future and what greatness can be achieved.  The first futurologist the bros talk about is Dr. Ian Pearson who talks about Robots and the sex we’ll be having with them in the future.


Dr. Ian Pearson discusses...

Feb 12, 2017

Listen in to a very special episode of Language of Bromance as once again bros turn into foes. In the Twenty-Fifth Language of Bromance Draft Richard and Shawn draft Their Favorite Romantic Comedy Movies. This is any Romantic Comedy Movie that the Bros have some sentimental value towards. Shawn chooses the movies that...

Feb 5, 2017

There can be a lot of desperate things during the time of war.  Money is scarce so the effort to sell War Bonds to help the effort increases.  We’ve seen heroes like Captain America do his part in raising money for the War.  This story isn’t that one but one about a Squirrel.  A Squirrel in a dress.  To make it a...