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Aug 27, 2017

The Game is afoot on the Emerald Princess Cruise ship as one of the guest has been found murdered.  Richard and Shawn take a trip on a cruise thinking they are part of a Mystery Dinner Theater, but find out that they are on the heels of a murderer.


During the trip around Alaska on the Emerald Princess Cruise Ship a...

Aug 20, 2017

How would you react if one morning you woke up covered in fire ant bites, you had a splitting headache from trauma to the head, you were naked as the day you were born, you couldn’t remember anything and this was all behind a Burger King?  That is what happened to the Burger King Doe.  On August 31, 2004 Burger King...

Aug 13, 2017

Shawn recently received an invitation to a special party in a remote place.  Taking his plus 1 Richard the bros go on an adventure.  The problem is this adventure is a mix between Black Mirror and House of a Thousand Corpses.  


Recently there was a story released about a Pig Brothel that was broken out by the...

Aug 6, 2017

Listen in to a very special episode of Language of Bromance as once again bros turn into foes. In the Thirtieth Language of Bromance Draft Richard and Shawn draft College Roommates. These are the people that the Bros would want to spend their College experience with.  These can be real people, characters, or just about...