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Oct 16, 2016

In a world where we have so much to fear Richard brings up the topic of Russian experiments.  During the time of Stalin a Dr by the name of Ivanoff wanted to create a hybrid.  After successfully breeding a Horse Zebra hybrid Ivanoff tried his hand at a HumanApe.


Stalin was preparing for the next world war and knew that he needed an invincible army.  Ivanoff wanted to continue his scientific experiments using the Soviet Money to do so.  Trying a bunch of different strategies was Ivanoff successful in creating a HumanApe?


We follow little Dave as he goes to school for the first time as the first successfully created HumanApe.  What would the first day of school be like for Dave?


With questions about the success or failure of Ivanoff’s experiments we follow a story about a Chimpanzee named Oliver.  Oliver had a lot of human features and even had a thing for Human Ladies.  Was this a successful Ivanoff creation or the missing link?


Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 121 Oliver HumanApe Twist.

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Together Richard and Shawn formed the podcast The Language of Bromance and from there it has been nothing but fun. The duo laugh about things they go through, stories in the news and even getting serious discussing net neutrality along with other issues. Every so often their friendship turns to a bitter rivalry with their nerdiest creation the draft episodes. An original take on a best of or a top 10 list. The draft episodes are done like an NFL Draft 7 rounds where Richard and Shawn flip-flop picks on various topics.