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May 2, 2021

Super Question is a dual option with multiple questions around different scenarios where Richard and Shawn will choose which of the two they’d rather have.  In this special 3rd ever Super Question the Bros pick between different Superhero options.  This is 10 different questions:

  1. Super Question #1 Would you Rather Have three feet or three hands?
  2. Super Question #2 Would you rather run Really fast or Fly really slow?
  3. Super Question #3 Would you rather have lots of money but no super power or No money but be all powerful?
  4. Super Question #4 Would you rather have one really powerful Power or Many not so powerful powers?
  5. Super Question #5 Would you Rather be the only superhero or live in a world with lots of Superheros?
  6. Super Question #6 Would you rather be born with your power or gain your power through some means?
  7. Super Question #7 Would you rather fight in one city or fight on the entire planet or fight in the entire universe?
  8. Super Question #8 Would you rather be good, bad, or in different?
  9. Super Question #9 Would you rather be in the DC universe or the Marvel Universe?
  10. Super Question #10 Would you rather be on the Justice League or The Avengers?

Super Question is the game where we choose between two different options and try to figure out the best one.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 358 Super Question 3 Superhero Theme.


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About Language of Bromance

Language of Bromance is a weekly Improv Comedy Podcast that was created by Richard and Shawn in 2014.  Releasing a new episode every single Sunday featuring new weird stories from history, news, movies, and more. 

The duo has performed live at the Kansas City Comic Con, Planet ComiCon, The Chicago Podcast Festival and more.  Language of Bromance has also been featured as part of Kevin Smith’s SmodCo Pod U and BBC Radio Show World Have Your Say.

A few stories Language of Bromance has covered are The Great Emu War, The Ninja of Heisei, and Lioness of Brittany.  The duo has also created staple episodes where they draft from specific topics, LOB Movie Pitch, Brolloween to celebrate Halloween season, and Super Question.