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Sep 13, 2020

DC has had their biggest event of the year and we hope it's a yearly tradition.  2020 DC Fandome is here with The Batman, Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights, Black Adam, and so much more.

Richard and Shawn break down what they loved, what they hated, and what made them fan out.

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Sep 6, 2020

There is a terror on the loose in the late 1600s London.  He sneaks around the streets at night looking for women who are all alone. Then when they least expect it he'll run up and spank them. He is the feared Spanko.

The Duo travel back in time to discuss a curious case that went across multiple generations.  Are...

Aug 30, 2020

Listen in to a very special episode of Language of Bromance as once again bros turn into foes. In the 55th Language of Bromance Draft as Richard and Shawn draft for their 7 items they’l live till the end of time as entertainment. In this LOB Draft the Bros select the pieces of entertainment that they will only get for...

Aug 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered where specific words come from?  Well look no further than this week's episode as The Bros Explore a couple with interesting origins.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 322 Bitten By The Winchester Goose.


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Aug 16, 2020

Richard and Shawn discover a double agent cat that worked for both the Germans and England in WW2.  He was on at least 3 ships that sank and he made it through both.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 321 I Will give Up 8 Of My Lives The Unsinkable Sam Story.


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