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Jul 30, 2017

It’s that wonderful Geek time of year where all our dreams come true. San Diego Comic Con 2017 had so many geekgasm moments.  This year brought a huge amount of new trailers, news and excitement for the upcoming months

On the Comic Book movie side of things we learned about a move based on the creator of Wonder Women called Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman.  Let’s just say the man that created Wonder Women had some luck with the Ladies...At the Same time.  

DC pushed hard with a new Justice League trailer that has everyone pumped for November.  Also there was news about Flashpoint, a Wonder Woman Sequel, and updates on all the CW shows.

Marvel made a comeback to SDCC and brought with it loads of trailers. Thor Ragnarok released a brand new trailer if you were not pumped before you will be now.  Richard and Shawn were able to see some sneaked footage of the new Infinity War Trailer that was only shown at Comic Con.  Also there was some new news on Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and the Defenders.

There isn’t just comic news coming out of San Diego Comic con as the best cartoon of all time is getting a movie. Rocko’s Modern Life is moving to the 21st Century and we will all get to say Eat The Beaver.

Netflix is coming in strong this year with trailers for Stranger Things and also a new movie starring Will Smith. Bright looks to be a movie that takes the D&D monster manual and bring it to life in the real world.

The guys end on a high note with a highly anticipated movie. Ready Player One brings everything Pop Culture as we step into a Virtual World and battle to prove ourselves in an Video Game World.  Both Richard and Shawn show their excitement for this movie by Steven Spielberg.

There is all of this exciting news and so much more jam packed in Hall LOB. That’s right LOBarmy it’s summer and the guys talk all about San Diego Comic Con 2017.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 162 SDCC 2017 Hall LOB.