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Feb 19, 2017

Richard and Shawn have discovered their newest career...Futurologist.  This job entails looking ahead to the future and what greatness can be achieved.  The first futurologist the bros talk about is Dr. Ian Pearson who talks about Robots and the sex we’ll be having with them in the future.


Dr. Ian Pearson discusses that the first Futuristic Technological Sex will be the ability to replay past experiences.  Basically you’ll be hooked into a system that will record your experiences.  Richard and Shawn discuss the creepiness of this and how it screams Girls Gone Wild dude.


Going even further in the future we get Westworld like androids who are built to pleasure humans.  The theory is that at this point human to human sex would be rare and more of a novelty.  Richard and Shawn discuss the potential jobs and business this will create.  There will be Sexbot Salesman similar to Car Salesman, aftermarket additions for Sexbots, and what about used Sexbot Salesman...Gross.

Give a listen to The Language of Bromance in Episode 139 I Sexbot.  

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Together Richard and Shawn formed the podcast The Language of Bromance and from there it has been nothing but fun. The duo laugh about things they go through, stories in the news and even getting serious discussing net neutrality along with other issues. Every so often their friendship turns to a bitter rivalry with their nerdiest creation the draft episodes. An original take on a best of or a top 10 list. The draft episodes are done like an NFL Draft 7 rounds where Richard and Shawn flip-flop picks on various topics.